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Strategic Planning is the most important step an organization can take to best leverage existing resources and opportunities while building a pathway to strategically prepare for a desired future.


The primary Strategic Planning Method used is called the Technology of Participation from the Institute of Cultural Affairs.


Below is taken from the website from the Institute of Cultural Affairs.


ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP)® Methods are group facilitation methods that are applicable in any setting where groups need to make collective decisions or plans. Each of the different tools within the body of work have specific and intended outcomes - but overall, the methods aim to help groups come to consensus on where they are, why they are there, where they would like to be, and what they will do together to help them get to where they need to go.

ToP methods are great tools to use to help foster collaboration in decision making and action - among individuals, organizations or communities. In particular, ToP methods allow for transformative group journeys.

Overall ToP Methods Allow Groups to: ​

  • Host meaningful conversations that result in shared decisions or resolve

  • Reach consensus and focus on areas of shared agreement rather than get stuck on areas of disagreement

  • Hear all voices and leverage group wisdom ·  

  • Recognize and honor contributions of all.​

  • Let groups deal with more data in less time.

  • Pool individual contributions into larger more informative patterns.

  • Foster strategic thinking that leverages the group wisdom and creativity.

  • Promote high levels of group ownership for the resulting plan.

  • Welcome diversity while minimizing polarization and conflict.


Your Strategic Planning journey begins with a Design Conference with key leadership in your organization to determine your specific Strategic Planning needs that also fit your budget and timeline.

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