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Sandy Seufert Consulting has worked for over 20 years with a wide range of arts education organizations. Examples of services offered that can support arts education organizations include:

  • Teaching Artist training/coaching

    • Curriculum design

    • Standards-based instruction (Visual and Performing Arts Standards, Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, English Language Development Standards)

    • Inquiry strategies

    • Strategies for working with Special Needs

    • Arts Integration theories and practices

    • Assessments and rubric development

  • Professional Development for staff and classroom teachers

    • Strategies for working with Special Needs including Universal Design for Learning

    • Question Formulation Technique

    • Exploring the Visual and Performing Arts Standards

    • Visual Thinking Strategies

  • Program Design and Curriculum Design

    • Review and retrofitting of curriculum to various educational standards

    • Strategic brainstorming to ideate program creation and/or expansion to support grant applications

  • Human Resources Support

    • Job posting, pre-screening, and initial phone interviews of Teaching Artist candidates to develop short list of highly qualified candidates for in-person interviews

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