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For Organizations:

The Clarity Process for is a powerful tool for organizations that can achieve a number of possible goals:

  • Create a Community of Practice within your organization that engages each staff member in their own professional development and growth plan and allows avenues for mutual support

  • Build a higher level of consensus by engaging a wider community of stakeholders in a collaborative visioning process

  • Gain clarity in the organization of ideas on a large and unwieldy project

For Individuals:

The Clarity Process is a powerful method of inquiry, brainstorming, and language creation that helps individuals find clear directions and meaning from a sea of confusing and competing options. If you find yourself lacking direction or feel you are somehow not working at your best or in the direction you want,The Clarity Process can shorten the learning curve and set your compass on a direction that is both aligned and inspired.


How it works:

The Clarity Process is a short-term facilitated conversation that can take place in anywhere between 4 to 8 hours, depending on your goals. Video conferencing is a convenient way to do this process, but in-person coaching sessions are available in the Los Angeles Area. Once you learn the technique, you can apply the strategies on your own in the future with the helpful resources included in the fee.



Here are some thoughts from participants from a workshop with the Actor’s Fund (part of the Screen Actors Guild) in March 2017.


“The Clarity Process was a great way to see barriers and to plan a path to go beyond them toward one’s desire to fulfill one’s life.”


“The Post-Its helped me focus and give me a plan of action that I can tackle one Post-It at a time. It was great to have time to think and allow yourself to check-in with yourself.”


‘The Clarity Process gave me food for thought and maybe a little kick to push myself.”


“Being able to ask questions and narrow them down, organizing my thoughts, made me realize I am not as all-over-the-place as I had thought. It was very helpful in steering me in the right direction.”

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