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Above all, remain curious. The muscle of inquiry, when nurtured, equips your imagination with possibilities.



Through a well-established facilitation method called the Technology of Participation from the Institute for Cultural Affairs, Sandy Seufert Consulting has worked with school districts, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations to create focused and powerful strategic plans.


In this experiential, collaborative and consensus building method, groups can create a shared Practical Vision, review data and perceptions of Current Reality, and develop Strategic Actions that align with key goals and measurable outcomes on a doable timeline.



The Clarity Process blends the best of strategic planning and inquiry methods that serve to provide clarity on a key focus question.Through this brainstorming process, individuals create concise and powerful language that form the basis of an action plan.

This work stems from Technology of Participation, from the Institute for Cultural Affairs, and The Question Formulation Technique, from the Right Question Institute.This work can support the development of either individual or group goals.

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Sandy Seufert Consulting can support your arts education organization through Program Design, Curriculum Design, Teaching Artist Training, Staff Professional Development, and Human Resources Support (teaching artist candidate screening).

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I am a native of Los Angeles, California and have over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, teaching artist training, curriculum development, program management, and professional development for both classroom teachers and teaching artists. I currently work as a District Coach with the Arts Ed Collective at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission where I help school districts create strategic plans for the arts. I have also done extensive work in arts integration with particular focus on Common Core Standards in Math and English Language Arts as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. Some of the organizations I have worked with include the Arts + STEM Collaborative, Turnaround Arts: California, The Armory Center for the Arts, The Music Center Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles Opera, Dramatic Results, the Da Camera Society and more. In addition, I have served on several advisory councils and boards supporting the field of teaching artistry. Just prior to my work in arts administration, I worked as a teaching artist in a middle school with young cellists and violinists. In addition, I worked in special education with Los Angeles Unified School District for over ten years. In my “spare” time I also currently double as a professional cellist, specializing in classical and jazz, and as a fiddler playing Scandinavian folk music for local dances and festivals.


I launched Sandy Seufert Consulting in 2015 with a desire to provide high leverage impact to support the arts education ecosystem through guiding strategic thinking and actions. I have trained with the Institute of Cultural Affairs in their world-class method called Technology of Participation. In my work, I also incorporate other inquiry strategies taken from the field of education and personal development. I am excited to help you or your business/organization find clarity and take that next step toward aligned action and inspired purpose.

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